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Laughing banana Enterprises

Laughing banana Enterprises Ltd

We are a company specialising in generic and exact match domain names (EMDs) which can improve brand awareness and search engine visibility.

Custom Web Solutions

Custom Web Solutions

Is our web design business specialising in creating feature rich eCommerce sites meeting the specific needs of our clients.

Our own business domain names (domain name sales) and (eCommerce web design) are examples of short (3 letter) domain names which are easily remembered by our clients.

Exact match Domains (EMD) is an example of how an exact match domain (EMD) can be used. Having a generic domain name matching the type of products being sold has several advantages.
  • The domain name is memorable, as by its very nature it matches what the searcher (potential customer) was searching for and although they may not purchase on their first visit, the chances of remembering the domain name to revisit at a later date are greatly increased.
  • A potential customer searching Google for products that match the domain name are often more likley to click a search engine result where the domain matches closely to what they are searching for as there is the expectation that the website is perhaps more likley to have what they are looking to buy.
  • There was a time when “Exact Match Domains” domains where given a significant ranking boost by Google. Sadly this is no longer the case, but there are still some advantages although the impact is not as great as it was a few years ago.
  • Having a generic domain name has the advantage that if the business name were to change in the future due to a rebranding then the generic name would still be relevant and unaffected by the change and maintain any search engine rankings. Should you wish to cease trading online, maybe your product range has changed and the domain is no longer relevant to the products you sell, then the domain name is likley to have a resale value to a similar business, unlike a unique business name domain would have.

We typically have around 500 such domain names available for purchase (portfolio changes regularly)
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